INNOVATIVE POWER SYSTEMS™ is a factory direct dealer for KOHLER™, CUMMINS™, GENERAC™, BRIGGS & STRATTON™, GE™, EATON™ AND SIEMANS™ generators, parts and accessories.

We stock and service all major brands of generators including KOHLER™, CUMMINS™, GENERAC™, BRIGGS & STRATTON™, GE™, SIEMANS™, HONEYWELL™ and EATON™.

INNOVATIVE POWER SYSTEMS™ in a factory direct dealer for most major brands of generators. If you’re a local contractor, there’s not need to wait for factory shipments or be concerned about generators being damaged during shipments.

INNOVATIVE POWER SYSTEMS™ can provide contractors with flexible pickup hours on generators and parts; even weekends during critical times.




In addition to generators and service parts, INNOVATIVE POWER SYSTEMS™ has a host of accessories and related services to make installing easy; including:

• Generator pads
• Batteries
• Oil
• Maintenance Kits
• Technical support
• Remote monitoring


Regardless of the generator requirement, INNOVATIVE POWER SYSTEMS™ can provide the layout, design and engineering resources to both estimate and install most major brands of generators including KOHLER™, CUMMINGS™, GENERAC™, BRIGGS & STRATTON™, GE SIEMANS™, HONEYWELL™ and EATON™.

PEACE OF MIND has many components. One of them is helping to ensure your family, property and critical operations centers are functioning in times of crisis.

Regardless if you’re a Homeowner, a Business Owner, a Municipality, Warehouse Facility, Doctor, Lawyer or Service Professional, INNOVATIVE POWER SYSTEMS™ has a myriad of top generator brands, service parts, technicians and service plans to provide worry free operation of your home, office or facility when the power goes out.

A standby generator from KOHLER™, CUMMINS™ or GENERAC™ can help deliver on your need for security and peace of mind regardless if you are home or away if disaster strikes.

Powered by natural gas, propane or even diesel fuel, stand by generators can restore power to critical systems or your entire home, office, warehouse or related facilities in a matter of moments.

INNOVATIVE POWER SYSTEMS™ can provide professionally installed and serviced generators providing you with the confidence that if the power goes out, the lights, HVAC, sump pump, alarms, access controls, internet, servers, operations centers and other critical systems are continuously running and can keep running for days if necessary.

Conveniently located in central New Jersey, we provide one-stop shopping for generators, service and replacement parts. Most generator service parts are in-stock and ready for immediate pickup or we’ll ship parts anywhere from our website www.innovativepower.net.

INNOVATIVE POWER SYSTEMS™ team of technical professionals will install and test the generator to meet every installation requirement and can provide maintenance of the life of the generator; to actually extend the service life of a generator.

INNOVATIVE POWER SYTEMS™ can also provide remote monitoring support (fees apply) to monitor the performance of your generator and can notify you of a problem before you know it exists and then dispatch the appropriate service technician.

INNOVATIVE POWER SYSTEMS™ is your one-stop destination for all your generator requirements.


Home Generators

Live a worry-free lifestyle and protect your house against power outages with the #1 selling backup generators on the market. The American Red Cross recommends permanently installed standby generators for emergencies to provide backup power, safety and peace of mind in times of need. Residential generator systems start automatically within seconds of a power outage and provide 24/7 protection to you and your home no matter where you are.

Portable Generators

For power anywhere, anytime, look no further! For recreational or professional use, Generac portable generator systems will get you the power you need when and where you need it. With a portable hookup to natural gas and no need for extension cords, portable generators are becoming a more permanent backup power solution. Contact us today for more information.

Commercial Generators

Power goes out and your business goes down too! Don’t risk losing thousands of dollars in revenue due to a power outage – protect your business today with a commercial generator system. We have natural gas and LP-fueled standby generators powerful enough to backup your entire business in a cost-effective manner.

Mobile Power Generators

Mobile generator systems are handy as a temporary power supply for your secondary power operations, such as a small business or to power a construction site. Mobile Power generators have transfer switches for emergency backup power and are conveniently towable.




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